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"20W50 Vintage''

Designated API SL

With zinc, phosphorus and antifriction treatment, specifically adapted for older engines!





Developed in conjunction with Prolab this oil is formulated especially for older four-stroke engines, such as classic British and antiques vehicles which are propelled by engines not equipped with a catalyst. It can also be used for motorcycles equipped with a dry clutch, that is to say, a transmission oil separated from the motor oil. In recent years, the engine oil standard has changed from API SL to SM designation. This designation essentially removed the zinc and phosphorus components from the oil thus reducing the heat in the catalysts of newer vehicles.


Zinc and phosphorus offered essential protection to the camshaft and rocker arms (commonly known tappet or lifter). To remedy this problem, additives such as ZPP (Moss Product No. 220-805) were suggested at every oil change.


Robert Pièces d’autos anglaises developped, with Prolab, a non-synthetic mineral oil complying with the specifications required to keep the engines of these cars in good condition. In addition, an antifriction additive was added to the "20W50 Vintage" oil to add an extra layer of protection.


The "20W50 VINTAGE'' oil conforms to the standards for older British and vintage vehicles as well as motorcycles with a dry clutch.


Client feedback has been very positive: better gas mileage, less engine knocking, better oil pressure and smoother starts. Clients notice the difference immediately!


Available sizes: 4 liters - $ 48 plus taxes / 1 liter - $ 12,50 plus taxes