Robert Pieces d’Autos Anglaises Inc. commitment to our clients:

  • We will honor all warranties of Moss Motors Inc. When you order Moss Motors parts, no shipping cost or custom fees from Moss to our garage.  Some exceptions may apply. 
  • We offer our clients the possibility to purchase new as well as used parts from our vast network of suppliers.
  • We ship you products as soon as possible, usually the next business day, upon reception of your order. All shipping costs will be assumed by the client.
  • We also give you access to the many advertised specials offered by Moss Motors Inc. via our web-site. Keep in mind when placing your order thru Robert Pieces d’Autos Anglaises Inc., in most case will save you both shipping and duty fees. Some restrictions do apply – call us for us for more details.



Robert Michaud, founder and owner of Robert Pieces d’Autos Anglaises Inc., has been in business for over 26 years. As a passionate enthusiast of British Automobiles, his expertise as a mechanic and his complete attention to detail are the trademark of Robert Pieces d’Autos Anglaises Inc..


Repair / Restoration of used British Auto Parts

As part of our service offerings, we offer clients the opportunity to repair and/or restore broken used auto parts, i.e. carburetor, transmission, etc…. Our turnaround time is usually 5 business days on most items, call to schedule an appointment.  We also offer rebuilt transmission overdrive for MGB and TR6.  Great improvement for these cars... We also have a great expertise in rebuilting carburators.

Car Restoration

Dreaming of restoring an old vintage British Automobile?


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